How ANAR can help you to avoid stretchmarks and why I believe in ANAR?



Are you pregnant and concerned about getting stretch marks? I know the horrible feeling of discovering stretch marks on your body! I experienced them during my first pregnancy and talked about it in my previous story, “What was the main reason to create ANAR oils?” So today I’m here to talk about how to avoid stretch marks with ANAR.

I believe every woman wants to feel confident and have a beautiful body because “beauty” is what makes us feel alive. When we don’t have kids it’s easier to take care of our health and beauty, but then one day you decide you’re ready for it – that magical time when your body creates this little human being. But it’s also a stressful time, especially the first pregnancy when everything is new and unknown.

ANAR Pregnancy oil is effective in 99% of cases

I know most women also stress about getting their body back, and many want to avoid getting stretch marks. We would love to hear simple solutions like, “do this, or use this” to avoid stretch marks completely. Even I would love to say this but no one can promise that. What I CAN do is tell you why I believe ANAR oils will help you avoid them.

Let’s start with ANAR Pregnancy Oil.

How will this product help you avoid stretch marks?

Stretch marks are actually tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue under your skin as it’s stretched to the limit during pregnancy. For this reason, the most important thing you can do is to keep your skin moisturized from early on in your pregnancy to help retain its elasticity. ANAR Pregnancy Oil contains potent antioxidants, rich in fatty acids, potassium and vitamins A & E so it is moisturizing and fast acting.

What does ANAR Pregnancy Oil do?

  • The oil stays on your skin longer than other products. I experienced this myself, and other customers agree. I recommend using this oil every morning and evening to get the most benefit from the product. Another word of advice is to wear cotton clothes as often as possible because cotton fabric helps the oil stay on your skin longer. For example, I wear cotton pyjamas every night which helps me feel the continued effects of the oil in the morning. I also take my time when I put the oil on my skin. It’s great to massage the oil for a few minutes to help it absorb into your skin before putting on clothes or pyjamas.
  • Another positive thing about the pregnancy oil is it helps avoid skin itchiness during the last trimester. Itchy skin comes from stretching and dryness. Using ANAR from the beginning of your pregnancy can really help avoid this problem, but if you do get itchy, try not to scratch your skin but apply oil to the affected area and leave it. This will relieve the uncomfortable feeling.
  • Another feature of ANAR oil is that it doesn’t have a strong smell – this is especially important for women during their first trimester who can have many triggers for nausea. Sometimes there are amazing smelling products but all you want to do is run to toilet… Not with ANAR!
  • One of the most important benefits of ANAR Pregnancy Oil is it’s organic! It’s approved by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) which means the product is 100% natural. Natural products are important during pregnancy, especially when thinking of your growing baby. There is also no added alcohol or water which can dry out your skin.

How does the ANAR Pregnancy Oil combined with the Moisturizer work? 

ANAR Pregnancy oil combined with Moisturizer after bath or shower is effective in 99,9% of cases

The main reason I recommend adding the Moisturizer to your pregnancy skin care routine is to prevent dryness. Its gentle oil rich in fatty acids and vitamins A, C, D & E is ideal for treating dry skin. After a bath or shower, use it on wet skin and it will absorb after a few seconds.

Use ANAR Moisturizer and Pregnancy Oil every morning and evening so dry skin and stretch marks won’t even cross your mind. 😊

What about the cost?

I understand not everyone can afford ANAR Pregnancy Oil and Moisturizer, but if you are really serious about your skin you will appreciate the quality of the product.  Another option is to use the Pregnancy Oil from the beginning of your pregnancy, then add the moisturizer in the last trimester which will really help.

What else can you do to avoid stretch marks?

  1. Eat right. (Search the internet for “nutritious food during pregnancy”. It’s important for you, your body, and your growing baby.)
  2. Exercise – even walking is helpful.
  3. Keep an eye on your weight. If you put on around 30kg or more there is still a chance of stretch marks. Normal pregnancy weight gain is 12-16 kg. So far ANAR has managed to avoid stretchmarks for up to 25kg weight gain.
  4. Avoid sun, hot water, and harsh chemicals as they can really dry out your skin.
  5. Of course, drink lots of water.
  6. Massage your skin with the right lotion like ANAR.

You may have heard that getting stretch marks is genetic or varies according to your skin type. After doing lots of research into different skin types, I have heard many stories. My mum had six pregnancies and she didn’t get even one stretch mark! How amazing is that? With my first baby, I got stretch marks on my bum, but I didn’t use ANAR. Then during my second pregnancy, I did use ANAR and was delighted that I didn’t get any stretch marks.

The moral of the story – what matters is you! You are the one who is pregnant, you have to go through all the feelings – good and bad – and you have to live with your body. So I hope you give ANAR oils a try – I know you will be delighted with the results as many women are.

ANAR wishes you only positive energy, strength, and no stretch marks!







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