Our oils can help you avoid, or are beneficial for…

Pregnancy Oil

  •      Avoid stretch marks in 99% of cases
  •      Manage existing stretch marks
  •      Anti-aging
  •      For all skin type
  •      Swelling
  •      Help tone the skin
  •      Make skin more flexible
  •      Moisturize your skin
  •      Heals itchiness
  •      Ideal for sensitive skin

Moisturizer After Bath or Shower

        •      Helps tone the skin
        •      Aid in preventing skin dryness, cracks
        •      Moisturize your skin
        •      Keep your skin ultra-hydrate
        •      Anti-aging
        •      Useful on face & body
        •      For all skin types

Baby Oil

      •      Gentle for baby skin
      •      Heals baby’s rashes
      •      Relaxes baby’s body
      •      Great after bath
      •      You can use as often as needed
      •      Safe to use with eczema or acne